Test 3: Things to Memorize

Chem 481, Spring 2004, Dr. Zimmerman


Chapter 12

Slide 9: List by name and diagram types of membrane fusion

Slide 11: Draw free energy vs. membrane distance for facilitated transport

Slide 14: Draw diagram

Slide 16: Draw diagrams

Slide 18: Draw diagram on right

Chapter 13

Slide 4: List, draw diagram of four features

Slide 5: List, draw diagram of four general types

Slide 9: Draw diagram, describe process

Slide 10: Draw diagram

Slide 14: Draw diagram

Chapter 14

Slide 5: Memorize

Slides 8: Know how to do free-energy problems; memorize all mathematical equations.

Slide 10: Know how to use the data in this table (nothing to memorize).

Slide 11: Memorize structure and standard free energy change for hydrolysis of ATP to ADP

Slides 19-21: Know how to use table; memorize mathematical equations.

Chapter 15

Slides 3: Memorize

Slides 6-7: Memorize

Slides 23: Memorize reactions.

Slides 26-27: Memorize

Slide 32: Memorize

Slide 37: Memorize

Slide 41: Memorize


Chapter 16

Slide 3: Memorize reaction

Slide 7: Memorize lists

Slide 8: Memorize

Slide 24: List modulators of Pyr DH and PK.