Test 4: Things to Memorize

Chem 481, Spring 2004, Dr. Zimmerman


Chapter 17

Slide 3: Memorize energy density in kJ/g, wet and dry

Slide 12: Memorize, but only generic enzyme names (dehydrogenase, hydratase, thiolase)

Slide 13: Know accounting for fatty acyl-CoA molecules and for fatty acids

Slide 14: Know generic enzyme names (isomerase and reductase) and function; know what auxiliary enzymes used depending on type and location of double bond.

Slide 20: Know list of principles

Chapter 18

Slide 4: Memorize

Slide 7: Memorize enzyme and hormone names and function

Slide 15: Know features

Slide 20: Know names and features of the 3 one-carbon systems

Slide 23: Memorize degradation of Ala, Thr, Gly, Ser

Slide 25: Know PKU name, defective process and enzyme

Slide 26: Memorize degradation of Pro, Gln, Glu

Slide 29: Memorize degradation of Asn, Asp

Chapter 19

Slide 12: Memorize number and name of four complexes

Slide 21: Memorize complete diagram

Slide 24: Draw graphs

Slide 26: Memorize diagram at left

Slide 31: Know accounting for glucose and for fatty acids

Chapter 20

Slide 18: Know reaction (you donít need to memorize UDP-glucose structure)

Slide 19: Know reaction

Slide 22: Memorize

Chapter 21

Slide 4: Memorize reaction at left

Slide 16: Know activators and inhibitors

Slide 18: Memorize cyclooxygenase reaction, including inhibitors

Slide 21: Memorize

Slide 28: Memorize HMG-CoA synthase reaction

Slide 34: Know abbreviation, name, and function of the four lipoproteins